Illustrator, Author, Cartoonist, and Queso Connoisseur.
A Tejana Mamá to two awesome kids married to a wonderful Vietnamese dude named Mr.Phi, and we are living the good life fighting the good fight in Austin,TX.
If you are craving more a whole sandwich worth of info about me can be found at my website.


CASA CLUB is a place to be YOU, and the start of a supportive kidlit community whose passions lie in creating for children, and eating cookies.

But never eating children, and creating cookies.
Unless they are cookies you created to bring to the Club House to give me.
But, please no children in the COOKIES!

Hopefully this will be my only rule….

Back to CASA CLUB…
technically it will be my newsletter, but I’ve discovered Substack offers a HUGE opportunity to make a fun community! So I’m hoping it will grow into a
Club House where people can connect over their love of children’s literature. Away from social media, and the pressures of posting for the algorithm. Us just having fun, joking around, feeling feliz, and doing the true pondering about what brings us JOY to create…
As I’ve always found when you find a truly comfy spot,
the real work you want to be doing flows out of you like chocolate milk out of 6 year old’s nose after laughing too hard.

Ok, so here’s a list of ever-changing fun stuff you will find in my Casa Club!

  • Comics

  • Photos of my super silly Sketchbook

  • Random Thoughts

  • Book recommendations

  • Interviews with some of my Illustrator/Author Amiges

  • Travel Doodling Diaries

  • Stress Baking Recipes in times of Deadline

You can read Casa Club as a friendly newsletter in your inbox,
on my substack webpage , or on the fancy-smancy substack app.

Honestly, I was unsure about having a paid portion of Casa Club...
But I’m also a pretty private, and having a more exclusive area felt like a snug fit for me. A safe place to openly discuss how I really create books, showing exclusive looks at my WIPs, and talking slightly seriously about issues with being a working artist/parent in the publishing industry.
PLUS, I charge conferences for such presentations, and so it seemed reasonable you could look at it as buying me a cup of coffee for my time.

I’ll be happy to give you a complimentary paid subscription to say a huge GRACIAS for all you do.
Just message me over here, and I’ll add you! If you’d really like to say Gracias, consider buying one of my books here, or at your favorite local bookshop!

Why is the founding level so expensive?

I just am not a shipper unless we are going into fandoms…PRIVACY!!!
But I’d like to give people the opportunity to buy original artwork. As you can see my drawers are bursting with them.

So here is your chance to own an ORIGINAL KINKZ! And know that all the $ will go towards me being able to go do more school visits at Title 1 Schools here in the South Texas area as bookmarks unfortunately do not grow on trees.
(Learned that the hard way after burying 100 bookmarks…)

Anywayz, GRACIAS for supporting this Artist who is forever grateful to you!
Now I’m going to hop around you like a little poodle.
As I’m hinting to bring snacks next time.

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Eliza Kinkz

Eliza Kinkz is a Tejana illustrator/author who still views the world through the bright colors of her crayons. She has illustrated hilarious picture books for Macmillan, Astra, and Penguin Random House.